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Practical information

Standard outline of the week


Participants are expected to check in from 18:00 on the first day. All participants will be notified in due time, regarding the procedure for making use of our special shuttle bus from Chania International airport to the Periplus Workshops location. Please make sure to join on time!

Once you arrive in Periplus Workshops location, you’ll enjoy a warm Greek welcome and shown your room to settle. There will be a festive reception dinner at 20:00. Afterwards you’ll be treated to an introductory experience, especially connected to the place and the weekly program’s philosophy. The first evening offers an ideal opportunity to make initial contacts with the other participants and our team.


The carefully built holistic approach of the workshop’s long experience starts on the next day morning. Daily schedule will be defined by the team, along with the introduction to hows and whys of the workshop theme. For the first day and the morning part of the second one, after getting accustomed with the workshop area and the materials and tools provided, various trying and learning, mainly technique focused, studios,

are taking place. They intend to sharpen your skills but mainly challenge preconceptions and unlock new competences by introducing you to tottaly fresh hands-on mentalities and procedures. All following days will be production days intensively dedicated to the workshop's core theme. On the eighth’s day late afternoon, the workshop’s outcome will be openly presented in an exhibition staged by the participants in the nearby

village center and for all sides of local stakeholders to attend.

People joining the workshop will receive in advance historical and popular culture information about the people and the area in order to prepare any draft thoughts and ideas. Working sessions are taking place

in a variety of motivating places, in and out of the Periplus Workshops base. Some are done individually

while others are collaborative. The whole program despite being continuous and intensive, is oriented on giving totally new meaning to the concept of creativity fun. The creative hands-on activities of experimentation alternate with a continuously changing variety of daily experiences such as recreational wandering,

mind-body awareness activities, relaxation sessions, alternative observation such as narrative stargazing

to help your imagination flow and productive grasps of natural stimuli for the projects such as group sound making.

As we are located among a local village and the surrounding crop fields, freely meddling with locals of all sides and activities will provide a generous opportunity of talking first hand about the topics that are important for their community.


All workshops end on ninth day's midday. Our special shuttle bus leaves Periplus Workshops location for the Chania International airport at 12:00.

Your Stay


Participants are accommodated in shared rooms in a tower type farm-house among an orange grove.

It’s exceptional architectural character, deeply influenced by it’s environment, makes it one of the more characteristic early works of the internationally noted Atelier66. All bathrooms are WC/shower.
Plenty of surrounding recreational and mind relaxing spots.

Food & more

The Periplus Workshops culinary experience is meticulously planned to be an important part of your holistic, creative week. Not only bringing you nutrition and pleasure, but food and its culture is approached as one more full experience to further stimulate your mind. Traditional Cretan food since ancient times has always been prepared only from local ingredients. Later enriched with Venetian and Ottoman influences was transformed into a special diet considered one of the healthiest in the world. Besides these, you will also take part into experiential and experimental sessions where you will discover how to playfully deal with what unconventional food practices & healthy eating may offer if inventively combined with creativity.

The common meals are also seen as an important occasion for further team binding communication.

The workshop days begin at 08:00 with a rich buffet breakfast changing every day, including fresh juices, coffee and tea. Lunch is at 1pm and dinner at 8pm. Fresh juices as well as fresh herbal tea, coffee and a variety of energy healthy bites, are constantly at participants’ disposal during working sessions.

Also a special occasion to savour is the festive dinner at a famous traditional taverna in the nearby village. All meals are taking place out in the open and it is guaranteed that nor two culinary experiences

are going to be the same.

If you have specific diet requirements or food allergies, please notify us in advance and we will take note.

Necessary things to bring along

You will need summer working clothes, definitely a pair of sturdy closed shoes  for the frequently rough mediterranean terrain, flip flops, a light pullover and raincoat in case of a sudden summer rain. The climate in Periplus Workshops area is mildly mediterranean and it’s more possible to feel the summer heat

than cold. Hat and lots of sunscreen are necessary. Mosquito repellant, flashlight, an excursion lightweight backpack, a european plug adapter and international converter kit for rechargeable items or extra batteries

will prove useful too.  We strongly advise to leave at home non-essential electronics, excess clothing etc.

If you are allergic to pollen or similar, please bring sufficient quantity of your relevant medication as well as any prescription medication you happen to follow. If you have any food allergies please inform us in advance.

Euros, preferably in cash are useful as it is the areas’ official currency.

Travel insurance

Each participant is responsible for arranging sufficient and comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of the workshop. It is best to purchase it within 24 hours of enrollment for the workshop. The insurance plan besides protecting yourself against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance must also include accident, medical and personal cover, repatriation and also full cover for your personal belongings, since these are not covered by the organizer who in any case is not liable for any costs or damages. The organizer is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies or reimbursement of airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.  He is also not liable for any costs or damages to people

or property caused by sovereign acts of any government, acts of nature or by third parties.

Trip Planning

Trip planning

How to reach the Periplus Workshops location

Periplus Workshops 2024 is located in Alikianos village outside Chania. The easiest and most convenient way to reach the Periplus Workshops location is by our shuttle bus from the Chania International airport.
As a special case a taxi may be used as well.


Alikianos (postcode 73005) is the head village of the Mousouroi/Platanias municipal unit in Kydonia regional unit, Crete. Located approximately 12.5 kilometers southwest of Chania. Our base is the Anastasios Kolokythas house at the Mousas area of the village.

Our scheduled arrival and departure transportation

We organize a shuttle bus every workshop’s first day early afternoon, from the Chania International airport to our location. Our staff will be at the arrival exit of the airport to escort you to the shuttle bus. More details will be sent to participants in due time. The shuttle leaves back on workshop’s last day on midday and drops you off at the airport.

Travelling by airplane

The area is well served by the Chania International airport (28 km from our base at Alikianos village), from where you can pick up our shuttle bus on every workshop’s first day early afternoon. The exact time of the scheduled bus departure will be communicated in advance to all participants.

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