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Practical information

Standard outline of the week


Participants are expected to check in from 18:00 on Sunday. Participants who wish to make use of our special transportation service from Kalamata airport or Kalamata KTEL bus station to the Periplus Workshops location, will be notified in due time, regarding the procedure followed. Regardless of the transportation

option you choose, please make sure to join on time!

Once you arrive in Periplus Workshops location, you’ll enjoy a warm greek welcome and shown your room

to settle. There will be a festive reception dinner at 20:00. Afterwards you’ll be treated to an introductory experience, especially connected to the place and the weekly program’s philosophy. The first evening offers an ideal opportunity to make initial contacts with the other participants and our team.


The carefully built holistic approach of the week long experience starts on Monday morning. Week schedule

is defined by the team, along with the introduction to hows and whys of the workshop theme. For the first day and the morning part of the second one, various trying and learning, mainly technique focused, studios, 

are taking place. They intend to sharpen your skills but mainly challenge preconceptions and unlock new

competences by introducing you to tottaly fresh hands-on mentalities and procedures. All following working 

sessions are intensively dedicated to the workshop's core theme. On Friday late afternoon, a final presentation, taking various forms directly linked to the different thematic workshops, is taking place

on location’s area.

Working sessions are taking place in a variety of motivating places, in and out of the Periplus Workshops base, such as the neighbouring olive grove, a mile long pebble beach etc. Some are done individually while others are collaborative. The whole weekly program despite being continuous and intensive, is oriented

on giving totally new meaning to the concept of creativity fun. The creative making parts alternate with

a continuously changing variety of daily experiences such as recreational wandering, mind-body awareness activities, relaxation sessions, alternative observation such as narrative stargazing to help your imagination flow and productive grasps of natural stimuli for the projects such as group sound making. The surrounding isolated and peaceful mediterranean seductive scenery is ideal for short but meaningful explorations.

A full week program carefully put together to help you develop creative flexibility

and mental dexterity.


All workshops end on Saturday midday. Our special service bus leaves Periplus Workshops
location for the Kalamata airport or for the Kalamata KTEL bus station at 12:00.

Your Stay


Participants are accommodated in a stone built traditional style guesthouse complex,
fully equipped and in comfortably furnished, shared double/triple rooms. All bathrooms are WC/shower.
Plenty of surrounding recreational and mind relaxing spots, including swimming pool

and wonderful wild garden.

Food & more

The Periplus Workshops culinary experience is meticulously planned to be an important part of your holistic, creative week. Not only bringing you nutrition and pleasure, but food and its culture is approached as one more full experience to further stimulate your mind. Using only the best among local ingredients and from small scale producers, you are going to be fully introduced to the healthy and rich mediterranean food treasury and nutritional traditions’ history. Besides these, you will also take part into experiential and experimental sessions where you will discover how to playfully deal with what unconventional food practices & healthy eating may offer if inventively combined with creativity. The common meals are also seen as an important occasion for further team binding communication.


The workshop days begin at 08:00 with a rich buffet breakfast changing every day, including fresh juices, coffee and tea. Lunch is at 1pm and dinner at 8pm. Fresh juices as well as tea, coffee and a variety of energy healthy bites, are constantly at participants’ disposal during working sessions. There are also special occasions to savour, such as picnic in the neighbouring olive grove, dinner by the beach under a cooling

vine arbor, festive closing dinner at a traditional taverna in the nearby old village, right among the sea rocks. All meals are taking place out in the open and it is guaranteed that nor two culinary experiences are going

to be the same. 

If you have specific diet requirements or food allergies, please notify us in advance

and we will take note.

Necessary things to bring along

You will need summer working clothes, a pair of preferably sturdy closed shoes for the frequently rocky

mediterranean terrain, beach shoes, flip flops, your beach towel and your swimsuit, a light pullover

and raincoat in case of a sudden summer rain. The climate in Periplus Workshops area is mildly

mediterranean and it’s more possible to feel the summer heat than cold. Hat and lots of sunscreen

are necessary as this is a famously sunny place and there are no shops in our isolated location. 

Mosquito repellant, flashlight, an excursion lightweight backpack, a european plug adapter and international converter kit for rechargeable items or extra batteries will prove useful too. We strongly advise to leave 

at home non-essential electronics, excess clothing etc.


If you are allergic to pollen or similar, please bring sufficient quantity of your relevant medication as well as

any prescription medication you happen to follow. Please be aware that the nearest pharmacy is 9 km/15 min away and can only be reached by car. If you have any food allergies please inform us in advance.


Euros, preferably in cash are useful as it is the areas official currency.

Travel insurance

Each participant is responsible for arranging sufficient and comprehensive travel insurance for the duration

of the workshop. It is best to purchase it within 24 hours of enrollment for the workshop. The insurance plan

besides protecting yourself against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance must also

include accident, medical and personal cover, repatriation and also full cover for your personal belongings,

since these are not covered by the organizer who in any case is not liable for any costs or damages. 

The organizer is not responsible for cancellations due to medical emergencies or reimbursement of airline

tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation. He is also not liable for any costs or damages to people

or property caused by sovereign acts of any government, acts of nature or by third parties.

Trip Planning

Trip planning

How to reach the Periplus Workshops location

Periplus Workshops is located in the outskirts of Prosilio village at Mani area, and more
specifically close to the main road connecting Kalamata to Kardamyli. The easiest and most
convenient ways to reach the Periplus Workshops location from Kalamata is by our shuttle bus
from the Kalamata International airport and from the Kalamata KTEL bus station (departure on
Sunday early afternoon), by a private or rented car or by taxi.
A private parking, with limited places is available on the premises.


Our scheduled arrival and departure transportation

We organize a shuttle bus every Sunday early afternoon from the Kalamata airport and from
Kalamata KTEL bus station to our location (29 km). Our staff will be at the airport or bus station

to escort you to the shuttle bus. More details will be sent to participants in due time. The shuttle
leaves back on Saturday midday and drops you off at the airport or at the bus station.

Travelling by airplane

The south Peloponnese is served by the Kalamata International Airport (10 km from Kalamata),
from where you can pick up our shuttle bus on our Sunday early afternoon scheduled bus
departure. You can either fly directly to Kalamata International Airport or fly to Athens
International Airport and then take a KTEL bus for Kalamata, from Athens Kifissou bus station.
The distance from Athens to Kalamata is approx. 239,6 km, an about three hours bus drive.

From Athens El. Venizelos Airport to the Bus Station (KTEL Kifissou) for Kalamata.

Bus X93 to Intercity Bus Station (KTEL Kifissou) departs from Athens Airport every 30-40 minutes

and takes approximately 60 minutes to the Bus Station. The X93 ticket costs around 6.00 euros.
Tickets are available from the bus drivers (only cash and without possibility for change) and from
the ticket kiosk at the bus departure. An alternative to the bus would be a taxi from Athens Airport
o the Bus station (KTEL Kifissou), with average cost around 50-60 euros and time needed to arrive
at the Bus station (KTEL KIfissou), about 40 minutes.

Travelling by public bus

The KTEL bus system is extensive, quick and inexpensive. Buses leave from Athens Kifissou

Bus station nearly every two hours for Kalamata, by the KTEL Messinias. The ticket costs around 25 euros (40 for return to Athens), for an about three hour drive. You can either buy your ticket online


or at a ticket booth at the Bus station (KTEL Kifissou). Once you have reached Kalamata,

the safest choice would be our shuttle bus from the Kalamata KTEL bus station directly

to the Periplus Workshops (departures every Sunday early afternoon) and we strongly advise

our participants to prefer it.



From Kalamata, KTEL bus departures for Kardamyli, the closest main village to our location,

are 3 every day, one at 07:00 in the morning, one at 13:00 and one at 18:30 in the afternoon. 

The ticket costs around 5 euros for an about one hour and twenty minutes drive. 

You may ask the bus driver to let you off after Stavropigio village and 0,6 km before the Prosilio

village. A sign will guide you to the Periplus Workshops location (approx 1,5 km of not paved

road) as soon as you arrive in the area. As the limited scheduled bus departures from Kalamata

may not be very convenient, we again urge you to choose the Periplus shuttle bus from the

Kalamata KTEL bus station. You can also take a taxi from Kalamata if you wish.

Travelling by car

The drive to Periplus Workshops location is approximately a 3 hours and 30 minutes’ drive from Athens

or the port of Patra. From Athens, take the Highway through Korinth, Tripoli, Megalopoli to Kalamata.

From Patra follow the route Patra – Araxos – Pyrgos – Kalo Nero to Kalamata. From Kalamata take the road south towards Areopoli for approx 29 km. Then turn left, point off the main road for our location which is

5,8 km after the Stavropigio village and 0,6 km before the Prosilio village. A sign will guide you to the Periplus Workshops location (approx 1,5 km of non paved road). If you are driving your own car, you may also contact us directly for the details that best suit your case.

Distances to Prosilio village, Mani, the closest to the Periplus Workshops location (approx.)

Athens 265 km
Patra 243 km
Kalamata 29 km
Prosilio to Kardamyli 9 km
Kalamata airport 39 km


Do I need to be a designer, architect or artist to attend a workshop?
No, everyone is invited to participate in the workshops.

Is there a selection taking place?
Yes, due to the strictly limited posts available and looking forward for the higher possible level of
results to take place, a selection has to be made. Primarily based to the expressed strong interest
of someone to take meaningful part into the process and scopes that the Periplus workshops
want to bring in place. For more information please go to our Booking page.

What is included in the price of a workshop week?
The full tuition for all main and supplementary studios, 7 days (6 nights) accommodation in shared double/triple rooms, all shared meals on location and during the outside visits, full necessary materials and tools 
and complete extra events and activities are included. Local transportations, necessary for the program

within the week, are also included but not the travel expenses to reach the place.

How long is the daily program?
As the participation mentality into the workshops is holistic, the participants are required to follow the full daily
program on all the chosen locations.

What is the workshop language?
English is the language for all the activities.


What is the number of participants in each workshop? 

Due to the intense and exclusively holistic approach of the workshops, the number of participants 

is limited to around 14.

How can I get to Mani, the 2022 workshop's location?

For detailed information please check the Trip Planning section. We organize a shuttle bus

every Sunday early afternoon from the Kalamata International airport and from Kalamata KTEL

bus station to our location. Our staff will be at the airport or KTEL bus station to escort you

to the shuttle bus. The shuttle leaves back on Saturday midday and drops you off at the airport

or at the bus station. If you are driving your own car, please contact us directly for the details

that best suit your case. Signs will guide you to the Periplus Workshops location

as soon as you arrive in the area.


Are there any means of local transportation?

There is a periodic public transportation between our location in Mani and other surrounding towns.

If you need, you can always book a taxi here. Or rent a bike or car from Kardamyli the closest town.

How much do the workshops cost?
For updated information please go to our Booking page.

What is the payment schedule?

You may find more regarding the payment schedule in our Booking page.

Can I book a place in more than one workshop?
Yes. For more information please go to our Booking page.

Is it possible for participants to attend the workshop with friends or family members?
Yes you are welcomed to attend with fellow colleagues, friends, or family members. But as there is only

a strictly limited number of places available, all participants have to take active part in the full program.

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