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Our Team


a designer - learning “journeys” explorer
an acrobat - architect
an author - art conservator
a culinary expert - product designer


introduce you to new mind blowing fields

The Periplus Workshops are run by Dimitris Skourogiannis, a multidisciplinary
designer and lifelong advocate of design’s ability to change things for the better.

In his continuous effort to further communicate this belief through enhanced
education initiatives, he has founded the first Product Design School in Greece,
he has been creative consultant for many cultural institutions and companies,
such as the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, published an awarded international
design magazine, directed the cultural merchandising network for the Benaki
Museum and founded a pioneering Innovation Lab, connecting young designers

to industry. He has also been design curator for the TEDxAcademy,

the Singularity University and design mentor for various University programs.

On September 2015 he was a TEDx Academy speaker on Design Thinking.

He is leading the Periplus Workshops with a team of creative partners coming
from a great variety of fields and whose inspiring visions may enrich and further
expand the workshop’s immersively creative experience. By constantly exploring
uncharted waters, they are searching for new lands on peoples’ ideas.

Choosing isolated and inspiring places of unique character and following
pioneering approaches in an intensive program, they aim to build an authentically
new holistic character for creative seasonal workshops. Introducing new cultural
and sustainable possibilities for local communities and inventively challenging
their mindset.

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