the only way you can make a difference,
is through finding what makes you authentic

Immerse yourself in a unique

and intense "creative only" voyage

Periplus Workshops intends opening new possibilities for local communities. Through inviting
a selected group of creative international thinkers, to locally exploit the unseen potential of
Material Culture and to further improve everyday life. By generating contents that relate to people
and challenge their perception. In parallel, exploring ways to further diffuse this knowledge
towards all sides of local stakeholders and trigger new mindset building.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop a main creative project, while being encouraged to find

original approaches through explorations in various parallel fields, question the rules and voice the most

unconventional concepts by constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and experimentation at

the highest possible level towards all directions. A number of inventively approached technique studios

are used as introduction to unlock creative confidence for the main weekly theme challenge. The conclusion for the week project is an open exhibition and direct presentation from the participants, staged in the nearby village center.


The aim of this week long experimentation is to give yourself a chance to work closely with material treasures which are hidden in nature and to unveil unknown potentials through unconventionally re-approached

hand-made techniques. Inspirationally engaged within an incredible mediterranean environment ripe

with possibilities.

During the workshops, participants work alternatively on their own individual tasks, or in small
groups building interactive experiences. The workshop’s nurturing and playful atmosphere

will purposefully embrace this togetherness, which finally enhances individual originality.

All the necessary tools and materials to turn ideas and design concepts into reality,

will be provided in the specially prepared and fully equipped facilities or will be available

to be carried on the field if required.

The spirit of wild improvisation and finding unexpected ways to deal with complex thinking

through basic means, is a must for the workshop’s philosophy.


The carefully built holistic approach of the week long experience, completes with a continuously changing

variety of body activities, culinary experimentation and improvised treasured moments. Like a productive

picnic among olive trees, an inventive fun excursion at the mile long beach, a traditional village dinner

by the sea rocks and more seductive surprises to be revealed on location.

Find yourself stimulated through exploring the meaningful relationship between

nature and balance in mind, body and creative outcome.



Do I need to be a designer, architect or artist to attend a workshop?
No, everyone is invited to participate in the workshops.

Is there a selection taking place?
Yes, due to the strictly limited posts available and looking forward for the higher possible level of
results to take place, a selection has to be made. Primarily based to the expressed strong interest
of someone to take meaningful part into the process and scopes that the Periplus workshops
want to bring in place. For more information please go to our Booking page.

What is included in the price of a workshop week?
The full tuition for all main and supplementary studios, 7 days (6 nights) accommodation in shared double/triple rooms, all shared meals on location and during the outside visits, full necessary materials and tools 
and complete extra events and activities are included. Local transportations, necessary for the program

within the week, are also included but not the travel expenses to reach the place.

How long is the daily program?
As the participation mentality into the workshops is holistic, the participants are required to follow the full daily
program on all the chosen locations.

What is the workshop language?
English is the language for all the activities.


What is the number of participants in each workshop? 

Due to the intense and exclusively holistic approach of the workshops, the number of participants 

is limited to around 14.

How can I get to Mani, the 2022 workshop's location?

For detailed information please check the Trip Planning section. We organize a shuttle bus

every Sunday early afternoon from the Kalamata International airport and from Kalamata KTEL

bus station to our location. Our staff will be at the airport or KTEL bus station to escort you

to the shuttle bus. The shuttle leaves back on Saturday midday and drops you off at the airport

or at the bus station. If you are driving your own car, please contact us directly for the details

that best suit your case. Signs will guide you to the Periplus Workshops location

as soon as you arrive in the area.


Are there any means of local transportation?

There is a periodic public transportation between our location in Mani and other surrounding towns.

If you need, you can always book a taxi here. Or rent a bike or car from Kardamyli the closest town.

How much do the workshops cost?
For updated information please go to our Booking page.

What is the payment schedule?

You may find more regarding the payment schedule in our Booking page.

Can I book a place in more than one workshop?
Yes. For more information please go to our Booking page.

Is it possible for participants to attend the workshop with friends or family members?
Yes you are welcomed to attend with fellow colleagues, friends, or family members. But as there is only

a strictly limited number of places available, all participants have to take active part in the full program.