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Workshops 2024

let nature become your mind
be a creative motivator for local change

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14-22 July


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24 July-1 August

Change forever your beliefs regarding the material world’s potential and its imprint upon us

In an era where digitality seems prevalently dominating the present and future, we invite you to genuinely reconnect with nature and rediscover it’s analog sensibility. By exploiting the potential of working closely and through unconventionally re-approached hand-made techniques, with material treasures which are hidden in local nature or among the abundant farming neglected byproducts.

This workshop is an intersection between design, crafts, art & material experimentation, as well as a fearless exploration of the synergy that may be empowered from Crete’s timeless legends & rich history traditions.

In order to come up with inventive approaches and solutions to open new sustainable possibilities for local communities and motivate them to look beyond existing boundaries and start using different practices,

finally influencing their mindset.


Immerse yourself in a unique
and intense "creative only" voyage

Participants will have the opportunity to develop a main creative project, a design prototype or artwork. Objects that speak of new and strong functional values, or fulfill purely emotional purposes or even radically

redefine the languages of symbolism.

Being encouraged to find original perspectives through explorations in various aspects of material’s behavior, questioning the rules and pushing the boundaries of creativity. A number of inventively approached technique

studios are used as introduction to unlock creative confidence and then delve into the main workshop theme challenge.

The conclusion for the week project is an open exhibition and direct presentation from the participants to all sides of local stakeholders, staged in the nearby village center. A professionally registered video distilling the

full workshop experience, will be afterwards send to all participants.

The spirit of wild improvisation and finding unexpected ways to deal with complex thinking through basic means, is a must for the workshop’s philosophy.


During the workshops, participants work alternatively on their own individual tasks, or in small groups building interactive experiences. The workshop’s nurturing and playful atmosphere will purposefully embrace this togetherness, which finally enhances individual originality.

All the necessary tools and materials to turn ideas, design, art and craft concepts into reality, will be provided in the specially prepared and fully equipped facilities or will be available to be carried on the field if required.

The carefully built holistic approach of the week long experience, completes
with a continuously changing variety of body activities, culinary experimentation and improvised treasured moments.

Being located among a local village and the surrounding crop fields, provides a generous opportunity of directly meddling with locals of all sides and activities and talk first hand about the topics that are important for their community.

Book workshop

Workshop tuition : Early bird*  (until 20th May 2024) : 1380 Euros

Normal Price*: 1580 Euros

9 days – 8 nights

All-inclusive price per person
*Please inquire for applicable discounts (eg. in case of educational institutions).

To reserve early one of the strictly limited places available and be part of a life changing experience,

please go to the Booking page.


What is included in the price


Each workshop is a unique hands-on experience, initially comprised of various trying and learning, mainly technique focused studios, such as unusual materials’ and techniques labs, custom kiln building or molding on location, specially intended to unlock new competencies. Approached in totally fresh and unconventional ways. Progressing to the main theme, which follows as an intense and continuous workshop, closely interwoven with all the other week’s experiences (related to mind, body, culinary, environment, fun).

Some experiential tasks are done individually while others will be interactively collaborative. A variety of inspiring places will be used as locations for the activities to take place. An intense and holistic experience

is guaranteed through learning by doing, giving totally new meaning to the concept of creativity fun.

Tools and materials

All the necessary tools and materials to turn ideas, design, art and craft concepts into reality, will be provided in the specially prepared and fully equipped facilities or will be available to be carried on the field if required.


Participants are accommodated in shared rooms in a tower type farm-house among an orange grove.

It’s exceptional architectural characer, deeply influenced by it’s environment, makes it one of the more characteristic early works of the internationally noted Atelier66. All bathrooms are WC/shower.

Plenty of surrounding recreational and mind relaxing spots.

Culinary experience

A fully innovative culinary experience, meticulously tied to the healthy and rich mediterranean and Cretan treasury of local ingredients and nutritional traditions’ history, is an essential part of the Periplus Workshops experience. As all of the Periplus Workshops parts are intersections of art, design, culture, nature and craft, such is also this unique, creative culinary adventure. You will not only enjoy the best that local small scale producers have to offer, but you will also take part into experiential sessions where you will discover

how to playfully and creatively deal with what unconventional food practices and healthy eating may offer.

Extra activities as sensory experiences 

The carefully built holistic approach of the week long experience, completes with a continuously changing variety of daily activities such as recreational and fun body wandering sessions, narrative stargazing and group sound making. All targeted in the stimulation, regeneration and participation of all layers of the senses and of their possible correlations and combinations. A brain-body-imagination involving program where everything is a world of its own and at the same time everything is connected. More seductive

surprises to be revealed on location.

Local social impact and international networking

For a whole and intense nine days period, enjoy living together with a group of individuals, commonly sharing the thirst for creativity. Through constantly searching for the unexpected, connect with people from all over

the world and with different backgrounds of studies, work and life experience. All with an indisputable common ground, the urge to meaningfully and creatively enrich their lives, and the one of others by becoming new agents for introducing positive interventions. The workshop’s experience and the relevant regional material culture's revealed potential, will be further and extensively communicated to many directions through “the PERIPLUS project” future activities. The nonprofit organization running the workshops and whose

scope is to explore and promote the power of creative potential for optimizing human life, society and the environment. All workshop participants are welcomed, if they wish so, to get involved with the future PERIPLUS platform of activities and its international collaborative creative network.

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