Connecting you with seductive sides of inspiring nature
in a sublime isolated mediterranean scenery

Sustaining a direct relationship with the people, the landscapes and the regional culture is at the
heart of the Periplus Workshops. Through open sourcing and sharing ideas, helps seeding new
circular economies among small or neglected communities while in parallel communicating it
across the world.

The Periplus Workshops Summer 2022 take place at the Mani peninsula, a unique spot of peace

and quiet at the heart of a luminous bright sunlight, a cobalt blue Mediterranean sea and the rocky

Mani olive tree slopes. 


The area’s fascinating character is highlighted by the fact that it is considered  “one of the most sunny”

places in whole rural Greece. An isolated and positively under exploited part of Greece with inhabitants

of particularly independent character, possibly of Spartan origin, that form a distinctive society

with very old traditions.

It is a stunning scenery that can be fully described with only a few words. Sun, rocks,

olive trees, sea. Or in other words, an illuminating, plain and austere, ideas fertile, full of pure

and natural energy scenery.

We invite you to this southern edge of regional Greece, on a rugged rocky peninsula

to meet with an incompatible, seductive, authentic nature and its people.

There is a grandness about the humble elements that constitute this austere natural environment.

The key to enjoy, interpret and be inspired by it, is simplicity.

The Mani peninsula is a treasure trove of a magnificent natural realm, an enduring image

of hands-on life itself.

Be inspired by it, be part of it.