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Connecting you with seductive sides of inspiring nature and long history in a rich mediterranean scenery

Following the exciting experience of running a number of workshops on the rugged rocky peninsula of Mani, the Periplus Workshops since the summer of 2023 has moved to the island of Crete. Further exploring new creative potential,  now based in a farm house amid the vast orange and olive groves of Alikianos, a small village at the outskirts of the medieval town of Chania. An area gifted with thousands of years long history of material culture and folk heritage.

The area's fascinating character is highlighted by its being on a unique rural island, where Europe's first advanced civilization thrived, succeeded by a myriad of powerful historic changes. An island with an immense agricultural potential, and with inhabitants of an exceptionally independent nature, that form

a distinctive society with long-lasting rooted traditions.


Alikianos (postcode 73005) is the head village of the Mousouroi/Platanias municipal unit in Kydonia regional unit, Crete. Located approximately 12.5 kilometers southwest of Chania. Our base is the Anastasios Kolokythas house at the Mousas area of the village.

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