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A Nonprofit Organisation Exploring Creativity

be a creative motivator for local change

let nature become your mind

Periplus Workshops is a series of interdisciplinary design and creative residencies
which generate sustainable innovation with local communities in Greece.

The PERIPLUS project is founded as a nonprofit organization with the belief that "creativity"

is a dynamically different and meaningful method for optimizing human life, society

and the environment. We aim to explore and develop our creative potential

in every possible way, making use of all relevant activity throughout the process.



Our objective is to positively affect the present and future of individuals, social groups,

businesses and institutions, through innovatively enhancing pre-existing potential, 

fostering local community motivation, organizing creative forums and festivals, 

and enabling the infiltration of design-thinking into all key sectors of society. 



The PERIPLUS project works to reveal and diffuse creativity’s power

for the common good, as a meaningful aspect of true policy making.

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30-10-18 ΜΑΝΙ-at low rocky plateau right
30-10-18 ΜΑΝΙ-at low rocky plateau right
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I had a wonderful time at the workshop. Getting to learn about Greek life,

and meeting an international community

of dreamers. Thank you for all

of your hospitality during the week

and for bringing such a wonderful

group together.

WuQING HIPSH, Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art, Imperial College London


The PERIPLUS project intends

to intersect and interweave ideas

and quests in order to generate

an experimental open network of people who see no limits in human creativity.

SARA KELLY, Weaver & Designer,

Chelsea College of Art UAL, London


It's been said many times before but thanks so much for the whole experience - was definitely an experience I won't forget! Congrats for pulling off

such an incredible event.

AMOS TIMI OYEDEJI, Innovation Designer,

Royal College of Art, Imperial College London


I had the most wonderful time. I feel very lucky to have attended Periplus workshop and to have met a very special group

of artists, designers, and curators who

I will have a lifelong connection with.

MOIRA MALONEY, Interdisciplinary Artist, Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA


We accepted the challenge: enter solely manual processes of design, crafts, art and material experimentation and create something disruptive and purely creative,

in total contrast with the potential
digital lethargy we sometimes fall into.

ROSSELLA GENOVESE, Museum Educator, Triennale Museum, Milan

4 Pao Lien.jpg

My experience was like a dream,

I could not have imagined such a week.
All possibilities were being given to explore the essentials of this region and at the same
time explore our own ideas and creativity. We were able to create and produce new
things that may lead us in new directions.

PAO LIEN DJIE, Art and Design Historian
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


The workshop has changed

my perception of what is important

to me when it comes to

my design practice,

and why it is important

on a greater scale.

LOUISE LENBORG SKAJEM, Designer, Goldsmiths University of London

2 Kara.JPG

It is amazing, is like this whole is basically an inspiration that can lighten your mind up.
I 've learned how to look from a scale.

If you look at the massive scale

and then you focus on a seed

is so different to what you look in detail.

And how to learn from the
others because they always look at things so differently from what your perspective is.

CHEUK LAAM WONG, Product & Interface Designer,
Central Saint Martins UAL, London

IMG_6766 x.jpg

Through the processes followed, I became more tuned into the idea that the experimentation was the whole process, not only the initial creation of the pieces. Nothing was lost, much was learned.

ANN BROWN, Sustainable Designer,

University of Canterbury, New Zealand


We were on the bus for 40 minutes touring impressive landscapes, mountains, a sea as blue as I have rarely seen before.

Finally we arrive at the place, sometimes

I find it hard to believe that this is real.

It is one of the most beautiful, enriching

and inspiring experiences

I have had in my life.


Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan


With the aim of fostering sustainable development and skill sharing in rural Greek communities which do not have access to established design and manufacture activity, Periplus provides a transferable
framework for the role of designers

to encourage pragmatic

cosmopolitan localism.

LEONARDO RUSSO, Sustainable Designer, Kingston School of Art, Harmonic Design, UK

5 Francesca.JPG

Periplus workshop gives the possibility

to think in a different way about design

and about life. Not to be scared to create, to try, to retry and see what happens.

FRANCESCA GRILLO, Interior designer

DOMUS magazine, Politecnico di Milano

1 Garrett.JPG

The most amazing is how much it was planned but also open it was.
Every step of the process was thought out and every amount of open space to
experiment and to see what happens,

to have any mixed results was also extremely thought out. I think what

I've gained the most is furthering an ability to minimize how many tools I need and what you need to go through

an entire process.

GARRETT BENISCH, Designer Artist
Pratt Institute, New York

IMG_6746 x.jpg

The Periplus workshop was exciting, terrifying, beautiful and joyful,

a memory I will cherish.
Each time I think back I am deeply

grateful for that very special time.

JULIAN ELLIS-BROWN, Innovation Designer, Royal College of Art, Imperial College London

3 Eunbi.jpg

Everything was so much different from my daily life, I am sure it will affect a lot my
making process, on what I want to pursue through my work. The multisensory
experience will cultivate

my sense of making.

EUNBI LEE, Designer Maker
Camberwell College of Arts, London

IMG_0991 x.jpg

Thank you for this unique eye opening

and beautiful experience!

VLADIMIR VON ARX, Multidisciplinary Craftsman & Designer, Robert Wilson - The Watermill Center, USA


I loved getting back to basics, connecting to the local materials around me and putting more attention on the process itself rather than the final object. I wish to continue

and apply these principles in my daily life. The work we did in Greece gave me strength to continue my path and

clarified how important it is to be

an Eco-friendly, sustainable designer.

PAZ ROSEN, Fashion Designer,

Bezalel Academy, Tel Aviv

6 Malena.JPG

Everything was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The experience

was incredibly rewarding. I realized

that allowing my self to replenish my creative pool made me take a fresh look into the world around me.

I did many experiments with many
different materials and was inspired for my object by our visit to the olive grove.


University of the Underground, Amsterdam


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