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Do I need to be a designer, architect or artist to attend a workshop?

No, everyone willing to explore her/his wider creative side and inventively
benefiting the local community is invited to participate in the workshops.

Is there a selection taking place?

Yes, due to the strictly limited places available and looking forward for the higher
possible level of results to take place, a selection has to be made. Primarily
based to the expressed strong interest of someone to take meaningful part into
the process and scopes that the Periplus workshops want to bring in place.

For more information please go to our Booking page.

What is included in the price of a workshop week?

The full tuition for all main and supplementary studios, 9 days (8 nights)
accommodation in shared rooms, all shared meals on location and during the
outside visits, full necessary materials and tools and complete extra events and
activities are included. Local transportations, necessary for the program within
the week, are also included but not the travel expenses to reach the place.

Is there a theme difference between the first and the second workshop’s period?

No, both weeks are following the same program so that you may chose the dates
prefered. In case though, that a participant chooses to attend both weeks, she/he
will have the opportunity to extend the creative path which has chosen in both
sessions. You may find more on this case regarding in our Booking page.

How long is the daily program?

As the participation mentality into the workshops is holistic, the participants

are required to follow the full daily program on all the chosen locations.

What is the workshop language?
English is the language for all the activities.


What is the number of participants in each workshop? 

Due to the intense and exclusively holistic approach of the workshops,

the number of participants is limited to 15-20.

How can I get to Alikianos village in Crete, the 2024 workshop's location?

For detailed information please check the Trip Planning section in Practical information.

We organize a shuttle bus every workshop’s initial day early afternoon, from the Chania

International airport to our location. Our staff will be at the airport to escort you to
the shuttle bus. The shuttle leaves back on workshop’s last day on midday and
drops you off at the airport.


Are there any means of local transportation?

There is a periodic public transportation between our location and the city of
Chania. If you need, you can always book a taxi here.

How much do the workshops cost?
For updated information please go to our Booking page.

What is the payment schedule?

You may find more regarding the payment schedule in our Booking page.

Can I book a place in more than one workshop?
Yes. For more information please go to our Bookin
g page.

Is it possible for participants to attend the workshop with friends?

Yes you are welcomed to attend with fellow colleagues or friends depending on
places availability. As there is only a strictly limited number of places,

all participants have to undergo the same selection process and financial
commitment for taking active part in the full program.

Is it possible for a participant before or after the workshop to schedule a
further holiday visit in Crete?

Yes Crete is a famously wonderful meditteranean destination to discover, with
many options for holiday plans. But this arrangement must be done individually
by the participant.

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