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The PERIPLUS project is founded as a nonprofit organization to reveal and diffuse creativity’s power for the common good. Provoking change and positively affecting the present and future of individuals, social groups,
businesses and institutions, through innovatively enhancing pre-existing potential and fostering local community regenerative motivation.


The geography of creativity

Genuinely caring about making a difference and improving isolated and/or under represented areas of Greece, is launching the Periplus Workshops. An initiative aiming to become a seasonal and knowledge gathering workshop program like no other. A constantly open lab, where thoughtful hand making,
experiential access to local identity and a deeply humanizing relationship with nature may develop into
a new approach to immense creativity.


The true purpose of the workshops is to be thought-provoking and trigger change in the way the locals think. Inventively exploring the natural environment's materiality potential as for example, the wasted byproducts from farming and relative processings. In parallel combining timeless insight from the wider local material culture together with it's popular history and customs.


For interdisciplinary New Explorers

The immersive and holistic Periplus Workshops are open to everyone with a wandering soul, who believes that exploring thinking through making, constantly criss-crossing borders and collectiveness, may change their creative life forever.

People who are interested in joining us take part in building new assumptions 
of environmental, economic

and social sustainability, and help to advance not only their personal but also the wider collective well-being.

“The workshop themes are excuses for us to gather on location creative people to reflect in this collectivity,

to use it as a tool, as a platform to propose new radical approaches that will trigger the viewers’ the audiences’ the visitors’ mind, all people from the local community, towards new ways of thinking

and practicing.”


Though due to the strictly limited posts available, and looking forward for the higher possible level

of results to take place, a selection has to be made.


Everyone interested to take part in a Periplus Workshop experience, is required in advance to submit material, that will introduce the organizers into her/his creative wanderings of any kind.

For more please look into the Booking page.

All participants must also be able to communicate in English.

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