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The geography of creativity​​

Periplus, a Greek word of ancient origin, means sailing around. A periplus is a voyage

around something, like an island or a coastline. A circumnavigation. 

A periplus was also, since ancient times, the record of such a voyage.

The PERIPLUS project is about all the possible creative circumnavigations of the numerous
microcosms around and within us and the “materialization” of these exploring expeditions.

In the core of the PERIPLUS project is the building of a dynamic, international, collaborative
platform that will help further explore and apply the creative perspectives in Greece,

establishing meaningful relationships and building valuable ground for all to share.


Its most important means and scopes are innovative potential enhancement, local community motivation,

design-thinking infiltration in all key sectors, organization of creative forums and festivals

for a multipolar and multi-challenging 21st century Greece.

The PERIPLUS project intends to intersect and interweave ideas, participants and guests in order
to generate an experimental open network of people who see no limits in human creativity.


Let your creativity be the oxygen for a real life​​

Believing that life is too precious to let it pass you by, that everyone is creative by nature
and that creativity must be revealed and unleashed, the PERIPLUS project organization
is launching the Periplus Workshops.

An initiative aiming to become a seasonal workshop program like no other. A constantly open lab,
where thinking through making, experiential access to local identity and a deeply humanising
relationship with nature may develop into a new approach to immense creativity.

Gathering knowledge that may subsequently help local societies better deal with their existing
and future multifaceted challenges. Powerfully reengaging them with the wealthy but frequently
neglected potential of their local environment.

Wishing the versatile experience to become not only rewarding but truly life-changing,
we intend settling for nothing less than the extraordinary and the genuine.


Hands on ideas, hands on pebbles, hands on light, hands on trees, hands on water, hands on mud, hands on air, hands on your inner self

"explorations:     design     -     art     -     crafts     -     performance"

An immersive, holistic and transformative learning experience with strong local relevance, by fully
hands-on doing among nature, constantly criss-crossing borders and collectiveness.

Through the discipline of design and skilful craftsmanship, challenge all sides of local
stakeholders to reflect on the importance of experiential contact between different or seemingly
contrasting fields of new material culture knowledge.


Inspire the wider possible social innovation through practically exploring the mentality of a circular economy, generating social and economic value in the region.


We invite you to bring into your life an intensively experimental, exploratory, fun, innovative week, focused on authentic experience. Through a tangible approach to inspiration, positive spirit, and a variety of  techniques, enjoy a most amazing journey of creative expression.

An intensive weekly program with such an extensive level of authentically holistic character,

is implemented most probably for the first time in creative seasonal workshops.

In carefully chosen isolated and inspiring places of unique character and beside the various directly creative studios with the unexpected techniques (such as foraging nature for custom creative tools, molding on location or custom kiln building), you will also enjoy narrative stargazing and group sound-inspired sessions, a fully indulging beach visit, an olive grove's inspiration excursion with a particular picnic, a sunset time stroll visit to the nearest medieval village. All these, accompanied by carefully studied fun & body wandering sessions and a fully innovative and experimental culinary experience, meticulously tied to the rich mediterranean treasury of local ingredients and nutritional traditions’ history.

Discover in a meaningful way how creativity can be intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein)


For interdisciplinary New Explorers

The Periplus Workshops are open to everyone with a wandering soul, who believes that exploring thinking through making, may change their creative life forever.

People who are interested in joining us take part in building new assumptions of environmental, economic
and social sustainability, and help to promote personal and collective well-being. By joining as an open
minded creative, you will conclude it as co-builder of a platform infusing strong creative potential
in local and international level.

A genuine interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity and the desire to explore

and harness the power of your own imagination - while being among a culturally diverse community
which gathers on site to experiment and live together, is what is required for participants
to have in common.

Though due to the strictly limited posts available a selection has to be made.


Everyone interested to take part in a Periplus Workshop experience, is required in advance 

to submit material, that will introduce the organizers into her/his creative wanderings of any kind.


All participants must also be able to communicate in English.

For more please look into the BOOK NOW page

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