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and shadow narrative games

24-30 July

"Every moment of light and dark is a miracle" (Walt Whitman)

The workshop’s objective is to interpret nature’s unique abilities, through stage design

and performing arts. An intersection between art and crafts, installations and various improvised
performing mediums. With main axis, a captivating glimpse of what, the creative exploration

of dazzling light qualities and mesmerizing shadow secrets, can bring to the visually

narrative experiences.

Through a series of intensively and fully hands on studios, participants open mindedly

and interactively, investigate how natural "non haptic"  materials such as light, shadow,

wind and sound may give birth to innovative and in the same time surprisingly low tech performing
media qualities.

Enjoy team togetherness and collective reflection through gradually and playfully building

an enchanting viewing experience, intended to provoke spectators’ emotional response

to the chosen subject.

Let the local natural treasures, timeless legends & rich history traditions build a potential framework to inspire a creative combination of movement design, wearable art, manually activated soundscape, and magically narrative story making and storytelling. Supported by animistic tales of locally sourced material qualities, unique natural processes and unconventional craft techniques. Finally through this wide spectrum

of multimedia resources to unfold a balanced architecture of spectacle.

The team's  outcome of the weekly project, will be a pop-up fully staged performing piece,
presented during a moonless night, to audience at the nearby traditional village. Following the
event, a creative and socially festive foodie experience, will also be an essential part of the
project. A professionally registered video distilling the full week experience, 

will be afterwards send to all participants.

Book workshop

Workshop tuition : Early bird* (until 31st January 2022) All places filled

Normal Price*: All places filled

7 days – 6 nights, Sun-Sat

All-inclusive price per person
*Please inquire for applicable discounts (eg. in case of educational institutions).

To reserve early one of the strictly limited places available and be part of a life
changing experience, please go to the Book now page.

What is included in the price


Each workshop is a unique hands-on experience, initially comprised of various trying and learning, mainly

technique focused studios, such as shadow languages lab or foraging nature for new narrative tools, specially

intended to unlock new competences. Approached in totally fresh and unconventional ways. Progressing

to the main weekly theme, which follows as an intense and continuous workshop, closely interwoven with

all the other week’s experiences (related to mind, body, culinary, environment, fun). Some experiential tasks

are done individually while others will be interactively collaborative. A variety of inspiring places will be used

as locations for the activities to take place. An intense and holistic experience is guaranteed through learning

by doing, giving totally new meaning to the concept of creativity fun.

Tools and materials

All the necessary tools and materials to turn ideas and design concepts into reality, 

will be provided in the specially prepared and fully equipped facilities or will be available

to be carried on the field if required.

Spaceous accommodation

Participants are accommodated in a stone built traditional style guesthouse complex, fully
equipped and in comfortably furnished, shared double/triple rooms. All bathrooms are WC/shower.
Plenty of surrounding recreational and mind relaxing spots, including swimming pool

and wonderful wild garden.

Culinary experience

A fully innovative culinary experience, meticulously tied to the healthy and rich mediterranean treasury

of local ingredients and nutritional traditions’ history, is an essential part of the Periplus Workshops experience. As all of the Periplus Workshops parts are intersections of art, design, culture, nature and craft, such is also this unique, creative culinary adventure. A collaborative, holistic and experimental section

of a whole that is constantly running across a vast creative spectrum. You will not only enjoy the best that local food producers have to offer, but you will also take part into experiential sessions where you will discover

how to playfully and creatively deal with what unconventional food practices and healthy eating may offer. Extra moments to savour, such as a productive picnic among the olive grove, an inventive fun excursion

at the mile long beach enjoying food on location and a closing night traditional village dinner or goodbye brunch by the sea rocks, are carefully planned to also be savoured.

Extra activities as sensory experiences 

The carefully built holistic approach of the week long experience, completes with a continuously changing variety of daily activities such as recreational and fun body wandering sessions, narrative stargazing and group sound making. All targeted in the stimulation, regeneration and participation of all layers of the senses and of their possible correlations and combinations. A brain-body-imagination involving program where everything is a world of its own and at the same time everything is connected. In this multidimensional program you can also enjoy pleasures such as a fully indulging excursion at the mile long beach and a sunset time stroll visit accompanied with original gift shopping at the nearby traditional city with the long

and fascinating history. More seductive surprises to be revealed on location.

Immerse in a unique location

The workshops take place in a sublime isolated mediterranean scenery. A unique spot of peace
and quiet at the heart of a luminous bright sunlight, a cobalt blue Mediterranean sea and the
rocky Mani olive tree slopes. The area’s fascinating character is highlighted by the fact that

it is considered “one of the most sunny” places in whole rural Greece. It is a stunning scenery

that can be fully described with only a few words. Sun, rocks, olive trees, sea. Or in other words,

an illuminating, plain and austere, ideas fertile, full of pure and natural energy scenery. The Mani
peninsula is a treasure trove of a magnificent and seductive natural realm, an enduring image

of hands-on life itself.

International networking

For a whole and intense week, enjoy living together with a group of individuals, commonly sharing
the thirst for creativity. Through constantly searching for the unexpected, connect with people
from all over the world and with different backgrounds of studies, work and life experience.

All with an indisputable common ground, the urge to meaningfully and creatively enrich their lives,

by becoming new agents for introducing positive interventions. The workshop’s experience

and the relevant regional material culture's revealed potential, will be further and extensively
communicated to many directions through “the PERIPLUS project” future activities. The nonprofit
organization running the workshops and whose scope is to explore and promote the power

of creative potential for optimizing human life, society and the environment.

The PERIPLUS project is currently working on launching an international, collaborative platform open to all.

A platform focusing on the possible productive infiltration of creativity and design thinking in a wide variety

of sectors in Greece, through an extensive range of activities. The aim is to positively affect the present

and future of individuals, social groups, institutions, etc., through creativity, openness and innovation. 

All that in a country which is just starting to come out of a long lasting economic crisis and with too many unresolved economic, social and environmental problems, negatively affecting peoples’ lives from all

socio-economic strata. All workshop participants are welcomed, if they wish so, to get involved

with this platform and its international collaborative creative network.

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