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Let nature become your mind

Be a creative motivator for local change

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Re-see the world around you, re-see the world within you

Create with your imagination, make with your hands

In an era where digitality and subsequent intangible materiality seem prevalently dominating the present

and future, we invite you to genuinely reconnect with nature and learn again how to recognize and trust

the instincts of your imagination.

Participants are challenged to step out of their everyday reality and its certainties and enjoy
engaging with a variety of “touch, feel and experiment with the real world” approaches,

intending to pose as many open questions as possible.

Rediscover natures’ analog sensibility, develop authentic emotional intelligence and change
forever your beliefs regarding the material world’s potential and its imprint upon us.
Understand how natural elements, authenticity and originality can finally become

intriguing food. Finally through the reevaluated process of making by hand, open

a meaningful creative dialogue with our digital age.

Here, through the intensively holistic workshop's experience, creativity meets

with no concrete or digital obstacles. Here your creativity meets up with olive trees,

rocks, sunlight, sea waves and pebbles.

Foster sustainable development and share skills with rural communities

Exploit the methodological principles of design for the construction of unifying and positive
interfaces between human needs and nature. Help local society support new craftsmanship
manifestations thereby maintaining its identity and singularity.

Take active part into giving this territory visibility as a living laboratory, open to new thinking
capable of playing a key role in changing the social fabric to bring about new ways of doing and

be part of it
explore the true "maker" within yourself
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